Reverie on the Moving image

The unconscious of the viewer is brought to the surface, the hypnotic state consumes the time perception, the objective has been achieve, for how long?, it does not matter as the briefest moment of mind wandering is enough to bend the illusion of reality.

All the moving image should make a conscious attempt to create a state of reverie. The television set now exists in everybody’s front room as the fire used to, where you have the moving image all the time. The computers, the smartphones, the screens in public spaces, the fire is everywhere, the warmth and the possibility of escape, the possibility of the hypnotic state everywhere. Why does this not happen? Why does the maximum state of detachment from reality, that does not exclusively happens with a screen, is not consider a human necessity? A field of study that should aim at achieving the most comfortable state of the mind?

The sources of pleasure in television viewing is not to do with the program, it is actually to do with that moving thing. When we go back to the cave, that was the most important thing, the space of daydream, and hypnotic state that let us evolve.

The moving imagery has trigger your imagination, you have seen a picture that has spoken to you and prophesied the end of the world.

- Text made for Research class. Autumn 2020 -

Dancing sculpture. Cyanotype. 2020.