Learning Report SEMESTER 1 Dario Fernández

The first semester of this academic year has proven me to be a very good one. This semester I have learned tools in different disciplines that have made it possible for me to improve in the process of creating. Learning this tools from the teachers, getting feedback from the students, getting inspired by the work of my classmates, learning about new artist and theirs ways of creation have been the best experiences in terms of the learning process. All this has helped me to develop my artistic practice and I can definitely tell the progress by looking at my work. I have to say that I am not satisfied entirely by the amount of time spent in the creating process. I think with rationality that this sensation has to do withe the process of adaptation that I am living right now and the amount of time that I have put in to this, the difficulties of the times in a pandemic state and the unstable situation in the school. I still believe that it depends entirely on me to overcome this sensation and be able to feel satisfied by the time I put in to my work, this can only be reflected in the result; the artworks. This is the main difficulty in my experience so far. I must say that I still expect to experience the school in a normal way, meeting and collaborating with other people and going in excursions with the teachers is something that I am really looking ahead. By the work done this semester I have learned more about me that anything else, I can see better the obstacles that I have to overcome in order to keep improving and creating artwork that I can be proud of, I can see better in which ways I connect ideas and thoughts that lead me to creating, I can see and resonate with different points of view and learn to associate with people to create a feedback experience, this is extremely important as communicating with people is the best way to continue my development, they question my thoughts pushing my philosophy further.
I really enjoy the mentality in which the academy has put me, I am grateful for it, for I experience myself the happiest when I am creating, the school for all the factors has inspired me and has constantly questioned me, for this, I have not only increased the tools that I have access to, but the way in which I use them and above all, the mentality and philosophy by with I use them.
In the next semester I hope for more normality, I hope to finish with the basic adaptation process to focus entirely on creating. I would love to explore the possibilities of creation with more students and nurture myself as much as possible in this university. I can not help myself to think of the school without the pandemic situation, I think that this specific conditions blocks a lot of things that my mind throws at me as potential projects. Even tho, bringing the projects that I aspire to their conclusion is the main priority, with the help and guidance of students and teachers. I am exited to create in this Academy.