Mind Wandering

- Video (1080 x 1080) shot in Autumn - Winter 2020. Made in collaboration with Antonia Sanchez. Work in progress. -

Mind wandering seems to be going hand in hand with intelligence, not necessarily meaning that daydreaming results in more intelligence or that more intelligence results on daydreaming, but they seem to go hand in hand in development the brain to it’s full potential.

Daydreaming, imagination and self referential thought are very complex tasks, they seem to appear by themselves, they are self generated, not by what we perceive but from the inside, the essence of what we are.

We design our future by daydreaming, wandering in ourselves.

When our minds focus on conscious tasks there are specific parts of the brain that work for them to be accomplished, when the mind wanders there’s a broader network that’s active. It covers large regions of the brain and activate different sense modalities, accessing the memory in an almost random way. it is called the “default mode” Network.

In the video, we see people wandering in their thoughts, static subjects, detached for brief moments, immersed in the hypnotic state just to come back to the tangible world.
The work aims to create a participation mystique, where the unconscious of the viewer is brought to the surface. Mirroring the subjects, this is a conscious attempt to create a situation of reverie.

- Final Research work. Autumn 2020 -

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